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Plow Pressure Reactors

The Prestovac Reactor incorporates the Mechanically Fluidized Mixing Action inside a vessel that can be operated under pressure as well as vacuum. The jacketed surfaces allow for heat to be efficiently applied to the material inside, promoting gas phase or liquid phase reactions to occur. After the reaction has occurred, excess reactants can be removed by vacuum drying in the same vessel. This ability to do multiple processes eliminates the need to transfer materials between several machines. Materials of construction include all 300 series stainless steels as well as high nickel alloys.

Pressure reactors are an excellent choice because they combine mixing, reacting, and drying all in one machine. Our reactors take into account the importance of highly specific temperature control, rate of reaction, and the complete reaction of materials. Each reactor is designed specifically for the process or application intended, creating a very efficient reaction while still producing a high volume pounds per hour output of a product.

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