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About Us

Processall is a leading manufacturer of industrial mixing equipment, providing horizontal plow mixers, plow pressure reactors, and plow vacuum dryers for various industries. Our mixers are carefully designed to meet the exacting requirements of our customers’ specific applications and industries, and can be built to FDA food and pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations (GMPs) for human pharmaceuticals.

Established in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA in 1983, Processall was founded with the development of the Processall plow mixer. Our plow mixer was a refinement and improvement on the German-designed plow mixer, well known for its exceptional mixing performance and widely used in Europe. The Processall plow mixer included significant improvements, resulting in a more efficient and effective mixer.

Over the years, we have continued to innovate and improve our equipment designs, cementing our reputation as a reliable and high-quality provider of process equipment for a wide range of industries. Our equipment is utilized by companies in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

At Processall, we are proud of our ability to work closely with our customers to design and manufacture custom solutions that meet their specific needs. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians ensure that our mixers and other equipment are tailored to each customer’s unique application, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

We prioritize regulatory compliance, which is why we offer equipment that can be built to FDA food and pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations (GMPs) for human pharmaceuticals. This allows our customers in the pharmaceutical industry to have confidence in the quality and safety of their products.

In addition to our commitment to innovation, quality, and regulatory compliance, we prioritize customer service. We understand that our customers rely on our equipment for their operations, and we work diligently to provide fast and effective service to minimize downtime and keep their processes running smoothly.

Processall is a division of The Armor Group, Inc., a diversified group of manufacturing companies. The Armor Group, Inc. is a corporation whose divisions manufacture highly engineered products and provide aftermarket services. Armor’s nine companies offer diverse capabilities serving a variety of industries. Each division has an experienced staff ready to respond to manufacturing needs quickly and efficiently for large and small jobs. In business for over 90 years, under current ownership since 1996, Armor understands the needs of our customers and is committed to providing quality products and services.

As a subsidiary of The Armor Group, Inc., Processall has access to shared business services and capabilities that come with being part of a larger company. With headquarters in Mason, Ohio, and additional facilities in Ohio, Indiana, China, and Thailand, we have over 475,000 square feet of manufacturing space available throughout our international footprint, all with the ISO 9001:2015 certification. We employ over 250 highly trained and experienced engineers, project managers, tradespeople, and office professionals, enabling us to deliver high-quality equipment and services to our customers

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