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Customer Testimonials

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“Processall’s vacuum dryers and plow mixers are exceptionally versatile. They easily adapt to our evolving application requirements for our customers. We have purchased multiple units and are very satisfied with their productivity and performance.” 

– Bryon Leggett, Vice President of Business Development, ChemDesign

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“Since the early nineties, MeriCal has been utilizing a Processall plow mixmill mixer in our manufacturing process. As a leading probiotic manufacturer, the uptime performance and low maintenance of their industrial mixing equipment have been an invaluable resource to our success.”

Tyrell Child, Maintenance Manager, MeriCal

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“As part of our new product development process, we utilized Processall’s plow tilt-a-mix mixer under their laboratory rental and product testing programs. We took advantage of their larger plow tilt-a mixer to manufacture kilogram scale quantities of a development product needed for customer testing. The Processall team is very knowledgeable and responsive to our application needs.”

-Mark Scott, Senior Development Engineer, The Shepherd Chemical Company

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“Processall was customer centric in their approach and interactions with Valtris.  The equipment fabrication was timely, on-budget and very well done.  The start-up support was excellent and we look forward to our continued collaboration with the Processall technical team.” 

– Bob Sterrett, Plant Manager, Valtris Specialty Chemicals

Contact us to discuss your mixing material equipment needs to improve your speed to market while minimizing risks and costs.  We are a one stop partner to seamlessly progress from pilot testing to full scale production.  Ask about our product testing program and rental services.

Our line of plow mixers, plow pressure reactors, and plow vacuum dryers is carefully designed to meet the exact requirements of your specific application and industry. We design our equipment for both the lab and batch production. We are keenly aware of the need for accuracy, speed, and temperature control in your processes and design our equipment to exceed your expectations in these areas.