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Plow Mixmill Mixers

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The Advantages of the Plow Mixmill Mixer Process

The Processall plow mixmill mixer gives the materials processor the ability to mix solids to solids, or liquids to solids on a batch basis. The mixing capabilities of the mixmill also extend to other forms of materials such as slurries, pastes, and doughs. The plow mixer equipment with its mechanically fluidized bed mixing action provides the versatility required to process such materials and meet the needs of the modern processor.

When equipped with selected options, the capabilities of the plow mixer can be expanded greatly. The selection of options is tailored to the demands of the process. The plow mixer equipment is then manufactured to meet the needs of the customer’s application. The plow mixer equipment is available in sizes ranging from 4 to 25,000 liters of total volume. An alternate continuous format is also available.

The Processall plow mixmill line of mixers are the most versatile units in any industry. These mixers utilize the mechanically fluidized bed mixing principle to accomplish in minutes what conventional processors take hours to finish. With this design, you can mix, react, and dry all in the same vessel. 

The mechanically fluidized bed mixing principle accomplishes this by suspending and mixing the material mechanically, rather than with gas pressure. Mixing is usually accomplished in a few minutes with minor ingredients accurately mixed to ratios of one part per thousand.

The Processall plow mixmill mixer is also equipped with spray nozzles for particle coating or wet agglomerations. In many cases, the efficiency of adding liquids in this manner allows the user to significantly reduce the amount of liquid required.

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The Processall plow mixmill mixer is built with lasting construction, easy maintenance, operator friendly, environmentally conscious, and safety in mind.

Download the sales sheet to learn more about the typical applications for the plow mixmill mixer.