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Rental Program

Processing Equipment Rentals Allows Companies the Capability to Effectively Manage their Growth

While collaborating on the final design and manufacturing of your new Plow Mixmill Mixers, Plow Pressure Reactors, and Plow Vacuum Dryers processing equipment, our rental units provide your company:

  • The ability to quickly expand your production capacity to optimize your product and process outputs
  • An expanded timeframe to properly determine the precise process equipment solutions and corresponding investments to achieve your quality and business objectives
  • The flexibility to conduct onsite testing to control your schedule through the utilization of your internal resources

Rental Equipment Available:

  • Processall maintains a fleet of rental equipment readily available to our customers under a short- or long-term monthly usage arrangement, including*:

    • 4 Liter Tilt-A-Mixer Rated for Internal Pressure and Vacuum
    • 20 Liter Tilt-A-Mixer Vacuum Dryer
    • 140 Liter Mixer/Granulator Vacuum Dryer
    • 140 Liter Mixer Vacuum Dryer
    • 300 Liter Mixer Rated for Vacuum
    • Hot Oil System
    • Vacuum Systems

    *Other sizes are available for rental.

    These units are shipped within 1-2 weeks of receiving your purchase order. Rentals are available for both testing and production manufacturing.  A portion of these charges can be rebated against the purchase of a new machine.

    Contact Processall  to discuss your processing equipment requirements either through our rental program, or a capital purchase.