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Liquid Filtration &
Drying Filt-A-Dry

The advantages of the MixMill process

The Filt-A-Dry is designed to provide more versatility to Processall’s arsenal of process equipment.
With the capability to mix, slurry, filter and dry in one vessel, less pieces of equipment are required
to do the job. This will ultimately save space, money and still provide excellent efficiency.

Principle of Operation

The machine is designed with filter sections attached to the lower quadrant of the processing vessel. The filter elements are easy to change without entering the machine. Quick screen changes is one of the major attributes of the
Filt-A-Dry. Backflushing of the filter is occasionally used to clean pores and avoid blockage. With the excellent mix action in the Processall vessel, the filter cake is freshly renewed to allow for better extraction. Additional slurrying and washing steps can be conducted in the same vessel. The filter cake can be vacuum dried after the filtration step.

Some of the advantages
of this system

1. Multi-processing in one vessel.
2. Eliminate product handling between
   washing and drying steps.
3. Less space is required to accomplish all
   the processing in single machine.
4. Excellent drying capabilities with Processall
   mechanically fluidized action.
5. Better environmental containment with
   a closed system.
6. Single supplier for the filter/dryer and
   ancillary equipment makes it easier for the user
   to maintain the equipment and get quick
   answers to their processing needs.