Pressure vessels are subjected to high temperatures and pressures; ASME VIII BPVC regulates the design and construction of boilers and pressure vessels. In many industrial applications, pressure vessels are customized to suit the needs of the product that is being processed. These customizations often demand a thorough mathematical model to be developed in the form of finite element models to answer questions about heat transfer characteristics, vibration characteristics, etc.

 Vibration Analysis

We treat each vessel as a unique model and, based on the customizations requested, build a model-specific simulation to augment the calculations in the code. We conduct vibration and forced vibrations analysis to recommend geometry changes and the isolation setup that leads to smooth operation.

Forced Vibration analysis to capture the effect of unbalanced loads on the displacement of vacuum stack.

Thermal Analysis

A thorough analysis is performed to calculate the thermal expansion across different components and capture the stress-induced state in various components. Design modifications are done based on the deformation and stress summary.

Deformation due to thermal loads

Stress distribution due to thermal loads