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Mixers for the preparation of Hot Melt Adhesives

The efficient and thorough mixing of the variety of materials used in the manufacturing of hot melt adhesives has long been a production stumbling block to this industry. Processall now offers a mechanically fluidized bed mixer which provides a superior finished product in significantly shorter time compared to current processing technology which utilizes jacketed kettles.

The Processall Mixer, when equipped with a heated jacket, easily mixes the resins, crumb elastic polymers, solvents or water based solutions. Once the material has transformed to a viscous liquid, the mix can be dynamically deaerated by operating the mixer under vacuum. Variable speed drives for slower operation can be supplied for some elastic polymers which may shear-degrade during the solvation cycle. The finished product will be thoroughly mixed and free of bubbles at the end of the cycle.

Gasketing material can also be processed with excellent pre-mixing of all dry ingredients. High speed, built-in chopping mills can assist in defibering fibers used to reinforce the gasket. The resin or elastomer can be pre-mixedwith dry or solvated ingredients prior to adding the dry ingredient. The Mixmill can distribute the solvated elastomer uniformly without solvent losses by containing the environment. The elastomer can be then premixed and wetted with solvent to provide a uniform feed material to the sheeting machinery.


Some of the benefits of the Processall system:

•  Excellent heat transfer due to mechanical bed fluidization.

•  The machine can be constructed with specially designed
   defibering blades to provide better matrixing of the fiber.

• Improved dispersion of liquid and/or solid minor ingredients.

• Equipment can be supplied with vacuum deaeration capability 
  or connected to a solvent recovery system to eliminate       
  environmental exposure. Heavy duty construction to provide   
  long life of equipment components.

Processall maintains a rental fleet and fully equipped technical center for product testing at either location