Bio-Reactor Sterilizer

The Bio-Reactors are used in applicationswhich require pressure as well as
vacuum and thermal conditioning capabilities for the processing of materials

Bio-Reactor Sterilizers add a dimension of synergism to the process by having the capability of mixing, drying, cooling, reacting, or any conbination of these processes in a single vessel. Many of these techniques demand the processing flexibility to handle material in a variety of physical forms. Materials may range from low solids to slurries, paste to pseudo plastic materials, dense granular solids to fine powders. The mechanically fluidized bed principle extends the capabilities of single vessel processing to a wide range of applications. In many cases several steps in the process can be consolidated and eliminate costly material handling or related equipment. The Processall reactor is available in sizes ranging from 4 to 25,000 liters of total volume.

•  Constructed with the highest GMP guidelines.
• Pressure and vacuum capabilities.
• Product contact surfaces can be highly polished or electropolished to
  minimize inclusions.
• Motors are completely enclosed and protected from the environment.

• Sanitary valves are used for ease of disassembly and CIP
  (clean in place).
• Can be supplied with on-board CIP system.
• All fittings are sanitary style.
• Sight glass is available to monitor product.
• Validation software is available.

Processall maintains a fully equipped technical center to demonstrate our hardware and processing capabilities.

The sterilized reactor can be used to vacuum dry the product to any desired moisture level without environmental exposure. The capability of mixing throughly with high precision is possible with this equipment. After discharging the product, the system can be cleaned in place and dried. Filter elements can be cleaned in place or autoclaved separately. Normally this type of a system in installed in a class 100 room with HEPA filters in the product discharge area to allow opening the vessel without losing sterility. The system can be installed on load cells to validate material weights and processing management at all times. Typical applications for this equipment are anti-cancer and genetic drugs.

Processall maintains a rental fleet and fully equipped technical center for product testing at either location