Following the global Covid 19 pandemic, one thing is certain people are focusing more on health and wellness. Even before this pandemic, some surveys listed as many as 3 in 4 adults actively thinking about the health benefits of their current diet. This change in the overall customer perception has resulted in a high level of growth (7.5% annually) in the nutraceutical industry. With this explosive growth, companies are looking for all opportunities to get a leg up on the competition. Companies are demanding lower-cost options to make products and they also want equipment that has a high degree of versatility.  Plow mixers offer Nutraceutical manufacturers this because they have a higher turnover rate than other mixing technologies on the market. It additionally offers companies the ability to do operations such as extraction of nutraceutical supplements.

Whether it be the initial dry blending of powders or the mixing of liquids to form the ever-popular gummy vitamins, plow mixing technology has been a part of this industry for some time. This is because of the competitive advantage plow mixers have verse other mixers.  Plow mixers are more energy efficient in dry mixing applications than ribbon blenders in many applications.  Additionally, they can accomplish the same level of mixing upwards of six times faster than other mixing applications.  They can be outfitted to also become both a drier and an extractor dependent on customer applications.

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Processall’s employees have a long history of working with the nutraceutical industry aiding in everything from initial testing to installation of the unit to maintenance throughout the life cycle of the unit. 

Processall’s Plow Mixing technology gives manufacturers a leg up on the competition. Listed below are some of the benefits of moving toward plow mixing technologies for Nutraceutical plants.

  • The fluidized bed created by the mix creates greater uniformity in the mixes
  • Customers can potentially observe upward of a 600% increase in production by moving to a plow mixer from a ribbon blend.
  • Although it is a medium intensity mix, Processall mixers have been proven to be gentle enough to mix materials as fine as dried oat grains without damaging the oats themselves
  • Ability to disperse powder blends in liquid mediums without clumping
  • Ability to serve as an extraction vessel to purify materials such as green tea
  • Even with the high horsepower, Processall was able to verify a reduced energy consumption at a constant production rate vs a ribbon blender
  • Being thermally insulated the unit did not cause any temperature spikes in mixing the material
  • Ease of cleaning to be able to transition from one blend to another
  • Reduced Safety concerns over other mixing technologies
  • Ability to sterilize and pasteurize materials

Applications in the Nutraceutical field

  • Vitamin blending
  • Green Tea extraction
  • Ginseng Extraction
  • Drying of Probiotics like yeast
  • Vacuum Drying of thermosensitive materials
  • And many more

Processall maintains a fully equipped testing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio designed to provide customers with the data they need to develop their process, evaluate equipment, scale up, and identify the necessary equipment to maintain desired production volumes. We extend an open invitation to all potential customers to bring their products to our test center and get a “hands-on” experience with our technology and capabilities.

We also maintain a rental fleet that customers can utilize to do further testing at their facility or employ to minimize their startup costs for a new process.

Please feel free to contact us with all your material processing questions and our experienced industry professionals will help you find the right mixing solutions for your application.

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